Team game with a bow for any event starting from 10€ per person

Archery Tag® being played

Game pricing calculation:

First hour - 10€ per person

Fixed price for any event

50 € for each subsequent hour

It's always cheaper to continue

Individually for teams

Individual pricing policy for teams of more than 30 people.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Archery Tag®?

This is a team sports game with arrows and bow. The excitement and energy of paintball, the dynamics of the dodgeball, plus the bow shooting.

What makes Archery Tag® different from similar games?

The game is safe - we constantly monitor the condition of equipment and protection. Games can be played on any free territory, and the hourly rate depends on the number of players.

What age is the game for?

Age of Archery Tag® players varies from 9 to 55 years. If You can pull the string on the bow, then You are ready.

How safe is it?

The equipment of the game - arrows with soft tips, professional masks for face protection, visors, which can be exposed to direct arrow shot. Injuries on the field are possible, but the main reason for them - inattention.

What should I take to the game?

Mandatory requirement - sportswear and sports shoes. You will also need drinking water, as the battlefield will be hot.

How long is the game?

One hour and longer.

How many people can play?

10 players and more.

Where can I play?

Games take place in any free territory, warm days open air, cold days - in the sports halls.

Do I need to order the game in advance?

The earlier the better! If there is a window in the schedule, then we arrive on a call, but we do not promise that there will be windows.